What's new in Daily Routine version 3

You hear the phrase 'back to the drawing board' so often it's become a cliche. Luckily Jaysen (the developer of Daily Routine) doesn't have a drawing board. Instead Daily Routine 3 began with 'File > New Project' to see what a routine app could be given 2 years experience of using, developing and supporting Daily Routine.

Most Requested New Features

Over the past 2 years Daily Routine users have sent thousands of feedback messages about what they'd like to see added and changed in Daily Routine. Some of their suggestions conflicted, or were impossible, but some ideas came up again and again. Here are a few that made it into version 3.

Easier one-off variations

Routines are great but plans can change. In v3 timeslots can now be shortened, lengthened, delayed, brought forward or skipped for on one day without affecting other days. The old '1-day routine' system is now obsolete and has been removed.

Endless Timeline

In previous versions, you could scroll the timeline only a few days forward or back. Not cool. After a lot of head-scratching, trial-and-error and late nights the timeline was rewritten to be longer. Much longer. Not truly endless – 1AD to 9,999AD – but close enough.

Optional Multi-Tasking

Daily Routine's old system of showing one thing at a time was … problematic. The rewritten timeline now supports concurrent and overlapping timeslots and calendar events. Is doing multiple things at once actually possible? Well, now you can try ;)

Skipping Dates

Daily Routine has powerful repetition controls, but up to now it was a pain to skip a date you'd scheduled a routine for. Well, now it's easy. You can do skip single days in the timeline or skip multiple days using the Routine calendar.

All-Day Calendar Events

Daily Routine can now display all-day events from your calendars in the timeline without obscuring your timeslots, routines or regular events. You can even pick which calendar's all-day events are shown.

Multiple Undo & Redo

Did you know that iOS devices like to be shaken? In fact, the standard way to undo or redo something in iOS is to shake your device. Daily Routine now supports multiple undo & redo via the shake gesture.

Other New Features

Editing in the Timeline

Our minds expect to be able to interact with the things we see. Timeslots and routines can now be added and edited directly in the timeline. No more 'edit this thing over here to change that thing over there'.

Better Landscape Mode

There are a lot of landscape fans out there. All new timeline features (endless scrolling, editing in place etc) are available in landscape on iPhone and iPad. Day cards are now bigger too!

Midnight is no boundary

Routine days no longer need to match calendar days. This means that Routines can now be scheduled to start at any time of day and can flow properly into the next day without any of the weird side-effects of previous versions.

Timeslots without Routines

Sometimes you just want to add a timeslot to the timeline without having to create a Routine. Now you can. Just pick a time and activity and BAM! (that's a technical term) it's there.

Quiet Time

Don't want alerts while you're on holiday? No problem. You can schedule Quiet Times during which Daily Routine doesn't play alerts. Quiet Times can be edited just like any other timeline object.

Bigger Timeline

Version 3 lets you do more in the timeline so the main toolbar has been removed and the timeline fills its place. UI designers call this 'deference', you'll call it 'more space for my stuff'.