Daily Routine Videos

Intro to Daily Routine

A video tour of Daily Routine 3 for new users 3:25

What's new in Daily Routine 3

A video tour of new features in version 3 for users of previous Daily Routine versions 4:04

Short Tutorial Videos

Basic Daily Routine Concepts

Activities, Timeslots, Routines and how they all fit together 1:17

Adding an every-day timeslot

Create a Single Timeslot, then set its start time, duration and dates 1:13

Creating & Editing Activities

Activities are the fundamental building blocks within Daily Routine 1:36

One-off Timeslot variations

Shortening, lengthening, delaying, bringing forward and skipping timeslots on a single day 1:04

Undo and Redo

Use the shake gesture to reverse or redo changes to your data 0:51

Skipping Timeslots

Exclude a Timeslot from one or more days without affecting other days 1:28

Timeline tips and tricks

Rotating, scrolling, zooming, editing and customising the timeline 2:09

Quiet Time

Mute Daily Routine alerts temporarily by adding Quiet Time to timeline 1:05

Timeline PDFs

Print or email a day (or part of a day) from the timeline 1:24

Sending Feedback

Email Jaysen (the developer) directly, receive a helpful response within 24 hours 1:33

Troubleshooting Videos

iCloud Sync

What to do if iCloud sync isn't working 1:13

No Calendar Events

What to do if your calendar events don't appear in the timeline 0:56

Why is everything grey?

What to do if your timeline is all grey 1:04

Detailed Tutorial Videos

Creating a Routine

Create a routine from scratch then specify which dates it occurs on 5:04

Advanced Scheduling Options

Control the dates and times that Routines & Single Timeslots repeat upon 3:40